The beginning is delicious

Realizing that most of my past “public” blogs failed due to the lack of a theme, I decided to start a new one based on two of my great loves in life: writing and eating.  Eating at restaurants, in particular.  Now, I’m not a food or restaurant critic; far from it.  The extent of my culinary expertise comes from working in a chain restaurant for a number of years, and just really liking food.  And coffee.  I’m attempting to budget my money (key word attempting), because credit cards and student loan debt are breathing down my neck, but still I spend an unmentionably high amount on food and coffee from restaurants and cafés each and every month.  So I figure, why not blog about it?

I’ll start with what I know and what I like.  Places I’ve been going to since moving to Athens back in the fall of 2009.  Most of these places are cheap and in easy walking distance to campus, which can compensate for a variety of other flaws, but generally the food is good enough to keep me going back.  Some of the places I’ll write about are more cafés than restaurants, or fit best under the label “coffee shop.” Others will be sit-down, great-first-date kinds of places.

Again, I am not a food critic, and no one should ever confuse me for one.  This blog is not designed for anyone looking for extreme culinary adventure or the kinds of fancy descriptions you might find in, say, professional wine magazines.  I don’t even like wine, so that’s something I’ll probably never write about.  But I do like food and I’m always looking for an excuse to try new food, and this blog is just that.  An excuse for me to get out and pay closer attention to the food I eat and the places where I eat it.

Coming soon:

Little Italy and Espresso Royale Caffé

Suggestions of places to eat are encouraged!


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