Big City Bread

Long time no post! Not because I haven’t been eating at restaurants (I still get squeamish calling it “eating out”), but because I’ve been lazy/ busy with school. Now that it’s summer, though, I can get back into the whole writing thing. Also, until I work out a better system of rankings, I’ll leave off the numbers.

Last night, I went out with some friends for much needed socializing. First we hit Walker’s (which I’ll blog about some other time), then Big City Bread, where I’d never been before. It’s on Finley Street, within easy walking distance to downtown, so we didn’t have to worry about parking. The atmosphere there is great- a nice outdoor patio that’s semi-sheltered from the road, and a cozy interior decorated with (I assume) local artwork. A word of caution, though: mosquitos are nuts this time of year, so if you’re sitting outside, take care.

The dinner selection was a bit spare, especially if you’re used to larger chain restaurants, but amazing. The meat and eggs are all local, from the same farm where my friend buys hers. I got the walnut and blue cheese salad half, which was larger than the waiter described it, and delicious for $4.50. My friends got the duck and some bean and rice salad I don’t remember the name of. Both of their dishes looked amazing. The desserts are just amazing, too, so save some room for them. We shared a huge slice of carrot cake and a lemon cranberry bar. As the name suggests, they take pride in their bakery.

Our waiter was attentive and approachable. He started off right away by stating that everything was great except the chilled soup, because he doesn’t like cold soup (neither do I). He did understate the size of my salad, which is forgivable.

In sum, I think I’ve found a new favorite for fancy dining.

Their website:


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