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Asking the internet for cooking advice

I’m making potatoes au gratin, and…

… the internet is NOT helping me.


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Potato and blue cheese filo pie

From Pies Sweet and Savory p. 169

Dough: unsalted butter, store-bought filo dough

Filling: 2 1/4 lb potatoes, 4.5 oz blue cheese, 4 shallots, 4-5 sprigs each of parsley, tarragon, and chervil, salt and pepper, 3-4 Tbsp sour cream

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French beef and herb potato pie

In Pies, Sweet and Savory p. 45

Filling: 4 cloves garlic, olive oil, onion, 2 1/4 lb ground beef, salt and pepper, 14 oz chopped tomato, 1 c beef stock, 1/2 c white wine

Topping: 2 1/4 lb potatoes, salt, 1 bunch basil, 1 bunch parsley, 1 c milk

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